What is a WLA (White Label ATM)?

White Label ATMs (WLAs) are ATMs owned and managed by non-bank entities, authorized by the RBI to offer similar ATM services like any other bank ATM.

What type of cards can be used at a WLA ATM?

Customers with debit cards issued by any bank in India can avail the services of these ATMs.International cards, or cards not issued in India, cannot be used at this ATM.

What are the services/ facilities available at this ATM?

Services like Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit*, Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Pin Change, Cheque Book request, Card to Card transfer and Statement request can be availed at Hitachi Money Spot ATMs.

*Cash deposit facility available for select banks and at select locations

Is the customer charged for using the cards at any White Label ATMs/ other bank ATMs in the country?

As per RBI guidelines, five free transactions per month are allowed across all WLAs/Bank ATMs, (three free transactions per month in case of metros). These include financial and non-financial transactions. To know more about these charges, please contact your respective bank.

How can one transact at a Hitachi Money Spot ATM?

A user needs to insert the debit card into the machine’s card slot and then enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to initiate a transaction.

In case of a failed ATM transaction where the account has been debited, what should a customer do?

The customer should inform the card-issuing bank at the earliest. In case of this ATM, pls fill the ATM Complaint form and submit it to your card issuing bank branch.

Is there a set time limit within which the amount from a failed transaction is re-credited to the customer’s account by the card-issuing bank?

According to the RBI mandate, banks are to re-credit the amount within 7 working days from the date of the complaint.

What is a Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

A PIN is a numeric password that is required for a card transaction and is provided by the card issuing bank. A customer is needed to enter this numeric code every time they transact using their card.

What precautions can I take to ensure the safety of my transactions at any ATM?

Please follow the below :

» Insert card only when the card reader light is flashing
» Do not allow others to stand close to you while transacting
» Always cover the keypad with the other hand while entering the PIN
» Before starting a transaction at any ATM
➾ Check for any card skimmers or card readers attached to the card slot of the machine.
➾ Check for false additional keypad stuck to the original ATM keypad.
➾ Check for any external cameras pointing directly towards the keypad.
» Always wait till the transaction is fully complete.
» At the end of a transaction, always ensure that you have taken the card out of the machine along with the cash

What steps can a customer take in case he forgets the PIN?

The customer needs to contact the card-issuing bank and apply for the new PIN.

What are your options in case the card is lost or stolen?

The customer should immediately get in touch with their respective bank and get the card blocked.

What’s the maximum daily cash withdrawal limit at Hitachi Money Spot ATMs?

The limits are set by your card-issuing bank. Please get in touch with your bank to know more.

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