With our increasing network of White Label ATM’s (WLAs) present primarily in semi urban and rural locations, we have strengthened our position in media dark markets across India. This has enabled us to provide cost-effective, impactful and highly targeted advertising solutions that facilitate brand reach, engagement as well as lead capture.

Why advertise with us?

Our Reach:

» With over 10,000 ATMs across the country primarily in semi-urban and rural markets, we have one of the best media to reach out to audiences in these media dark markets
» With an ambitious target of deploying many more ATMs this year, we are on track to becoming one of the leading WLA networks in India.

Our Offerings:

» We provide innovative advertising opportunities to reach your target audience by leveraging the digital, physical and brand activation options across our ATM network. With our ATMs located at strategic and high footfall locations, we offer higher visibility and an opportunity to engage with potential customers.

Physical branding

Choose from external or internal physical branding options such as front glass panel branding, internal wall branding, ATM branding, as well as use of posters.

» Helps brands to drive targeted communication with high brand visibility.
» Increase brand reach and brand recall.

Transaction slip branding

Enhances visibility and brand recall

ATM Screens

With static and video content options, your brand can now engage with customers on a one–on-one basis and also capture leads

Brand activation at venue

Provides direct engagement opportunity with prospective customers and helps in sampling, lead generation etc.

With all these options, our ATMs offer a truly one-stop platform for your brand to build awareness, engage with prospects and generate cost-effective leads.

Hitachi Money Spot ATM